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Media Training

BIOS Hip Webinar 2021



Listen to Tim Coughlin and Iain Moppett discuss the paper 'Reversal of direct oral anticoagulants in adult hip fracture patients: a systematic review and meta analysis'.
Mr Andrew Duckworth, BJJ Editor-in-Chief Prof. Fares Haddad, and Guest Editor Dr Mathias Bostrom discuss the June supplement of the Bone & Joint Journal, which focuses on 17 articles from The Hip Society.
Listen to Mr Andrew Duckworth interview Professor Fares Haddad and Dr Craig J. Della Valle in a podcast to accompany The Hip Society supplement comprising of 19 articles from the 2019 closed meetings.
Listen to Mr Andrew Duckworth interviewing Prof. David Beverland about his paper "Guidelines for the follow-up of total hip arthroplasty: do they need to be revised?", published in the May 2019 issue of The Bone and Joint Journal.
Listen to Prof Ben Oliverre, Prof Fares Haddad and Prof Ed Davies in the second episode of our special podcast series, kindly sponsored by Stryker. This episode focuses predominantly on the role of robotic-arm assisted surgery in total hip replacement.