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Revision Cubital Tunnel Decompression and Submuscular Transposition

This video details technical tips and tricks when performing a revision ulnar nerve decompression and sub-muscular transposition after an initial review of cubital tunnel syndrome.
The objectives of this presentation are to briefly review extrinsic extensors of the hand, review anatomy of intrinsics and mechanisms of action, review intrinsic related pathology, describe provocative positions to evaluate dysfunction, and describe ulnar negative dysfunction.
Drs. Hess, Wilton, and Maslow discuss treatment options for metacarpal fractures, including ORIF with plates, K wires, and intramedullary screws.
This video is of a lecture on zone I-V flexor tendon repairs, WALANT, complications, and tendon reconstruction.
Drs Buterbaugh, Putnam, Fitzpartick, and Stepan debate the merits of LRTI, Suture button suspension arthroplasty, Suture suspension arthroplasty with or without an implant, and arthrodesis for management of thumb CMC arthritis
Hand Fellows from Philadelphia Hand Center, University of Colorado, Mayo Clinic, and Hospital for Special Surgery debate methods for SL reconstruction. 3 Ligament tenodesis, Reduction and Association of SL, Scapholunate internal brace 360, Swivelock SL IL Reconstruction and ANAFAB are also discussed and compared with pearls for each procedure