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This surgical video details different tips and tricks in how to perform wrist arthroscopy using dorsal and volar portals.
In this video, Dr Kakar from the Mayo Clinic discusses and demonstrates arthroscopic foveal TFCC repair.
This video demonstrates reconstruction of a fingertip amputation using a spare parts onycho-osteal graft combined with a local flap for fingertip nailbed and fingertip reconstruction
Drs. Blood, Freniere and Evans debate the merits of in situ cubital tunnel release, anterior transposition, and supercharge AIN to ulnar motor nerve transfer, followed by a discussion of these procedures
This video is an excellent introduction for residents and review for new practicing surgeons of the basic intraoperative reduction techniques and tools one can use to restore alignment of distal radius fractures. The video presents techniques in conjunction with fixation using a volar locking plate, however, the techniques have a wide range of applications in different fixation approaches as well.
This video describes the anatomy and pathology of the extensor tendon mechanism in fingers and the role of the extrinsic and intrinsic tendon systems
This video contains a brief background discussion on etiology and presentation of swan neck deformities followed by illustrative case presentation demonstrating surgical technique
This video is of a lecture on zone I-V flexor tendon repairs, WALANT, complications, and tendon reconstruction.
This practical video outlines the technique for needle aponeurotomy of Dupuytren's contracture in the palm.
The objectives of this presentation are to briefly review extrinsic extensors of the hand, review anatomy of intrinsics and mechanisms of action, review intrinsic related pathology, describe provocative positions to evaluate dysfunction, and describe ulnar negative dysfunction.
Drs. Hess, Wilton, and Maslow discuss treatment options for metacarpal fractures, including ORIF with plates, K wires, and intramedullary screws.
This video overviews extended FCR and dorsal surgical approaches to the wrist for the treatment of an extra articular, 3-dimensional distal radius malunion utilizing custom osteotomy cutting guides, volar plating, and a dorsally inserted metallic distracting wedge implant.
This video describes perilunate injuries and their epidemiology, anatomy, radiographic findings, classification schemes, physical findings, ED management, surgical approach, and case examples. This comprehensive lecture lays a strong foundation for the identification and treatment of perilunate injuries and lunate dislocations
Dr. Kleinman provides a comprehensive review of how to examine the wrist and the specific diagnosis that can be made with a good clinical exam.
This video details indications and surgical technique for proximal hamate to proximal scaphoid nonunion reconstruction
Proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint arthroplasty can provide pain-free and functional restoration to the mobility and stability of the joint. In cases with less than 30 degrees of deviation in the coronal plane, silicone implant interposition arthroplasty canbe used. While a dorsal approach is used most frequently, post-operative immobilization of varying amounts of time are required to allow for healing of the extensor mechanism. Although technically more demanding, the volar approach allows for immediate post-operative rehabilitation. In this case, a 65-year-old patient presented with painful osteoarthritis of the PIP joint of the right index finger, resulting in weakness of pinch and loss of motion. She has had a previous DIP arthrodesis. Plain radiographs revealed coronal deformity without sagittal malalignment, and 10-55 degrees of passive motion. A volar approach was recommended. This video describes the successful reconstruction of the index PIP joint using silicone implant arthroplasty from a volar approach.
This video demonstrates the utility and surgical technique for radial forearm flap harvest, including step-by-step instructions as well as tips and tricks. Following this, the posterior interosseous artery flap is described in a similar fashion. Cadaveric dissection of both flaps is then demonstrated. This lab is from "The Complete Hand Surgeon: Flaps You Should Know After Fellowship (Lab)," recorded at the 74th Annual Meeting of the ASSH in 2019
This video details technical tips and tricks when performing a revision ulnar nerve decompression and sub-muscular transposition after an initial review of cubital tunnel syndrome.
This video shows the surgical technique for transradial amputation with TMR to the distal AIN for the median nerve and RPNI for other nerves
Hand Fellows from Philadelphia Hand Center, University of Colorado, Mayo Clinic, and Hospital for Special Surgery debate methods for SL reconstruction. 3 Ligament tenodesis, Reduction and Association of SL, Scapholunate internal brace 360, Swivelock SL IL Reconstruction and ANAFAB are also discussed and compared with pearls for each procedure
This video is of a scaphoid excision and four-corner fusion using Nitinol staples.
This video demonstrates treatment of a scaphoid nonunion from a volar approach using iliac crest bone graft.
Thumb carpal metacarpal joint (CMCJ) arthritis is common. Surgical denervation is an option for symptomatic CMCJ arthritis. Articular branches of denervation can be performed using a single volar incision. Synovectomy at the CMCJ can also be performed at the same time. Short recovery period is noted.
This discussion of tendon imbalances focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mallet finger and swan neck deformity and includes discussion of pertinentanatomy, classification system, causes, clinical evaluation, and treatment options
The procedure describes using the extensor retinaculum flap to reconstruct the lax sheath of ECU in chronic instability.
Drs Buterbaugh, Putnam, Fitzpartick, and Stepan debate the merits of LRTI, Suture button suspension arthroplasty, Suture suspension arthroplasty with or without an implant, and arthrodesis for management of thumb CMC arthritis
A surgical technique video that demonstrates diaphysial ulnar shortening.
This video demonstrates a local flap from the thumb metacarpal that can be used to augment a nonvascularized reconstruction of a scaphoid nonunion